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KENKO Extension Tube Kit 10 / 16mm for NIKON Z-mount



Descriptive :

KENKO Extension Tube Kit 10 / 16mm for NIKON Z-mount:

Extension tube consists of two rings (10 mm and 16 mm) to enjoy macro photography with your standard lens.

Consisting of two 10mm and 16mm rings respectively, which can be used alone or combined together, this Kenko Z-mount Z-mount kit is compatible with Nikon Z7 and Z6 (Z mount) systems.

Extension tubes are designed to allow a lens to focus closer than the minimum focus distance.

The tubes are therefore particularly useful in macro photography, allowing you to turn any objective into a macro lens at a lower cost and maintaining the original optical quality.

DG extension tubes do not have a lens. They are inserted between the housing and the lens to increase the distance between it and the CCD sensor. By increasing this distance, they force the objective to focus much closer than normal.

The thicker the tube, the closer the lens will be.

Kenko DG tubes guarantee electronic transmissions between the housing and the lens. They can be superimposed.

  •     Tube length: 10 mm and 16 mm
  •     Tube diameters: ± 61.5 mm
  •     Weight: 73 g (10 mm) - 93 g (16 mm)


  •     Extension tubes are not designed for use with mounting adapters or teleconverters. This could damage the camera and the lens.
  •          Each ring of the device is equipped with electrical contacts, allowing connection to both the camera and the body of the lens.
  •          Autofocus operations are possible, but as focusing depth decreases, it is recommended to switch to manual focus.
  •          Use the ring whose width does not exceed the focal length of the lens used. If the width of the ring exceeds the focal length of the lens used, it will be impossible to focus on the object.
  •          Due to the shallow depth of field, it is recommended to use manual focus.

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