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TRAGOPAN - Tent lookout Grouse V+


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Descriptive :

TRAGOPAN - Tent Grouse V +:

NEW !!

Quick-mount tents for traveling photographers for sessions of any duration.

This carriage is made of 150D polyester "oxford" waterproof, combining lightness and strength, it is covered with a black induction for perfect darkness to

inside the carriage. It comes in a carrying bag.

This version is identical in size to the old model Tragopan V +, only the camouflage pattern and the window system has been updated in line with the Affût Tragopan V6 and V2 Monal.


  •      Reasons: NEW realistic underbrush 4 seasons
  •      Dimensions (unfolded):
  •      length x width: 1.27 mx 1.27 m
  •      height with roof bars: 1,40 m
  •      height without roof bars: 1,25 m
  •      Dimensions (folded in its carrying bag):
  •      length x width x thickness: 0.50m x 0.50m x 0.9m
  •      Weight 3.45 Kg (with all accessories)



Tragopan has developed a new realistic wood-based motif that is more suited to the multi-season activity of animal photography, incorporating in particular elements of green vegetation. This material will from now on be the reference material for Tragopan Treads and their accessories.


Finally the shooting windows have been completely redesigned to overcome two weak points of the old models, waterproofness and discretion.


To prevent water flowing along the windows, we have added a shutter that completely covers the opening from the outside, this flap opens and closes via a system of cord that is activated silently from inside the tent.


The different sleeves and windows now change quietly via small clips that replace the "Velcro" and zippers that were too noisy.


Surveillance windows, which were another source of runoff, were replaced by small sleeves that open and close with a cord and allow a small telephoto (400 f / 5 6 for example) or a pair of binoculars, these small windows make it possible to control whether a noise is heard on an unused face of the Sharpening and offers a perfect seal to the whole.


This carriage is made of 150D waterproof polyester, combining lightness and strength. It comes in a carrying bag equipped with 2 straps to carry it in a backpack or shoulder strap, or to attach it to the front of a photo backpack. The carriage is built on a base of 4 metal arches that unfold instantly at the exit of the bag. Be careful not to be surprised.


The opening can be controlled by firmly holding the hoops with one hand when exiting the tent-lookout from its carrying bag. It unfolds automatically by loosening the hand.


This carriage comes with 2 roof bars that are housed inside at mid-height in the corners, in straps provided for this purpose. They allow you to cover the roof and raise it by about 15 cm. Their use is optional, but highly recommended in case of rain or installation of several days by changing weather. This will prevent the accumulation of water on the roof. They will also be appreciated by tall people.


The lookout has 4 attachment points on the outside, halfway up, in each corner to attach 4 shrouds supplied with 4 sardines. It has straps at the base of the 4 corners for anchoring to the ground with 4 additional sardines provided.


The watch has 12 cords sewn on the outside to fix various elements of camouflage: branches, foliage, reeds ...


The carriage is equipped with a single door, opening and closing from the inside and the outside by a thick zipper. The door can be opened halfway, which comes to create a large net window with a zipper in the middle to be able to pass a telephoto.


The two side façades of the Affût are equipped with a window of opportunity shots. Indeed, when the tripod is installed with its camera on the main shooting facade described below, it is difficult to change places without making a lot of noise, so we decided to create on the two side walls a window with a zip that opens discreetly and that allows to pass a telephoto lens in the case where an animal would approach on the sides, this window is made up of a zipped part occulting as well as a zipped part in net with a crack in the middle. Finally this opening has a small surveillance window in its middle that opens and closes discreetly and allows you to monitor what is happening outside the Affût.


The main shooting façade of the lookout shows the historical layout and modularity of the TRAGOPAN Affair, ie:


• a tripod opening a little special that also allows shooting at ground level and the use of an observation telescope with a 45 ° eyepiece for digiscoping in particular.


This opening consists of a zipper with 4 sliders, two central sliders that create the opening for a tripod leg, a lower slider for opening an inverted T-shaped window at 15 cm from the floor and a upper slider for opening a T-shaped window for the purpose of using a 45 ° sighting telescope while sitting comfortably.


A main and modular opening of rectangular shooting on which the sleeves and shutters described above can be used.


• This main shooting window has a small monitor sleeve, at face height that opens and closes via a cord equipped with a stop button as explained above.


The Tragopan V + comes with the set of sleeves and removable windows following:

  •     a rectangular blackout sleeve with an integrated zipped window to be able to pass a flash or watch what happens outside. Everything is fixed by small clips. If you want more of this sleeve, you can also get it separately here.


  •     A square threaded sleeve fixed by clips. You can also buy them separately here.


  •     1 threaded shutter with a slit in the middle and fixed by clips.


  •     An interior pocket, positioned on one of the four sides of the lookout allows the storage of unused window modules, or any other lightweight accessory.

The lookout comes with an explanatory note to fold it. Manipulation at the pace somewhat scary ...... which will quickly become a formality after a few tries. For the use or installation of this mount, do not hesitate to contact us.

* If you have trouble folding the tent, check out this video from the 12th minute (this is the old model on this video but the principle remains exactly the same): https: //www.youtube. com / watch? v = SJ3L9_Q9Hi0

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