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TRAGOPAN - Tent for Lagopus chair hide size S or B


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Descriptive :

TRAGOPAN - Tent for Lagopus hide seat size S or B:


Tent hide suitable for use with LAGOPUS S and B chair hides.

This hide is made of waterproof 150D "oxford" polyester, combining lightness and solidity, it is covered with an isothermal induction allowing the temperature to be lowered by several degrees when the hide is exposed to the sun, or to keep the heat in winter, this induction also has the particularity of being light-tight, offering complete darkness inside the tent and thus avoiding the Chinese shadow effect when the Hide is positioned with its back to the sun, or even seeing the photographer inside the tent.

It comes in a carry bag.

    Patterns: realistic undergrowth
    Period of use: all year round
    Dimensions: suitable for both models of LAGOPUS B and S hide chairs

Tragopan has developed a new realistic undergrowth pattern more suited to the multi-season activity of animal photography, by incorporating elements of green vegetation in particular. This material will henceforth be the reference material for Tragopan hides and their accessories.

This tent-hide fabric uses the window systems of the other models of TRAGOPAN tent-hides, ensuring perfect sealing and discretion on the front of the tent-hide.

To prevent water from running down the shooting windows, we have added a shutter that completely covers the opening from the outside, this shutter opens and closes via a cord system that is activated silently from inside the tent.

The different sleeves and windows are changed silently via small clips.

Installation is extremely simple. The tent canvas is positioned on top of the chair-hide without any attachment being necessary.

With the door closed, all you have to do is position the pegs at the 4 corners of the tent, making sure to leave enough room for your feet and possibly for a backpack on one side of the chair. We then open the door on the front of the tent and sit in it, positioning the camera on a tripod in front of us. The door is then closed by bringing out the telephoto lens through the shooting window.

On each side at the front and at the back of the tent are 6 drawstrings, which just have to be stretched to put the tent canvas under tension and thus avoid flapping in the event of wind. This ensures a perfect hold of the whole while giving it a less geometric shape.

The hide has 4 cords sewn on the outside to attach various camouflage elements: branches, foliage, reeds...

The hide is equipped with a single door, opening and closing from the inside and the outside with a thick and silent zipper.

The front face of the hide, which is also the door, has the following configuration and modularity:

• a zipped tripod passage opening

• a main and modular shooting opening, rectangular on which a concealing sleeve, a net sleeve and a net shutter with central slot can be fixed (all delivered with the hide tent)

 • the shutter which hides the main shooting window has a small monitoring sleeve, at face height which opens and closes via a cord equipped with a stop push button. The shutter opens and closes from the inside via a cord system with stop button.

• above the shooting window is a large surveillance strip equipped with a flap that closes and opens from the inside thanks to a cord system. The surveillance headband has a semi-transparent mesh that can be completely unzipped. This window offers real comfort to observe what is happening in front of the hide.

Both sides of the tent-hide each have a window of opportunity, equipped with a flap that closes and opens from the inside thanks to a cord system. These windows have a semi-transparent mesh with a slit in the middle that allows the passage of a telephoto lens. This net can be completely unzipped.

The tent for LAGOPUS is delivered with the following set of sleeves and removable windows:

  • a rectangular blackout shutter
  •      an integrated zipped MESH window to be able to pass a flash or watch what is happening outside. Everything is fixed by small clips. If you want more of this sleeve, you can also buy it separately here.
  •      The hide also comes with 4 sardines.

Weight : 1600.00 g

Remarks :

PRE-ORDER PROMO PRICE! available in April 2023!

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