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TRAGOPAN - Lagopus hide chair - S

Ref : TRLAGS001


Descriptive :

TRAGOPAN - Lagopus hide seat - S:


Versatile, is certainly the most appropriate adjective to describe the LAGOPUS chair-hide system. Its use ranges from a simple camping chair when its roof is folded up, to a compact and very efficient hide when used with the hide canvas dedicated to this system (on sale here), without forgetting the possibility of using it with our different camouflage nets, 3D cover or Ghillie depending on the habitat in which you want to use it.

A little too much sun during an afternoon of observation in summer, its built-in roof will provide you with the necessary shade to make the moment more pleasant ...

The LAGOPUS S lookout chair takes the base of our now famous KOKLASS V2 chair on which we have integrated the roof.

It has two large pockets to store your optics and other necessary equipment when taking pictures.

The chair and the roof unfold in seconds and hanging a net or a camouflage blanket.

The roof of the LAGOPUS S can tilt up or down to place your viewing window at the correct height.

Because of its very small footprint and its adjusted height, the LAGOPUS system is on the lookout for integrating into the environment and going unnoticed by the wildlife of our countryside ...

Some examples of use:

in front of a feeder or a "drinkstation": the tent for LAGOPUS will offer you the necessary discretion for our winged friends (on sale here)

a hedge in spring, a wood edge, an undergrowth with dense shrub cover: the 3D cover will transform you into an additional shrub in the landscape (on sale here)

a mown meadow: a ghillie blanket placed on the LAGOPUS leaning against a haystack and you will pass for a pile of grass in the eyes of the foxes that come to mole (on sale here)

an undergrowth of old trees: a 1.5x5m camouflage net will allow you to blend in with the dead leaves of the undergrowth (on sale here)


  •     Color: Khaki green
  •     Structure material: aluminum tube, stainless steel rivets and screws
  •     Period of use: all year round
  •     Material: RIPSTOP polyester

Dimensions (unfolded):

  •     Height unfolded roof: 116 cm
  •     Height unfolded roof: 81 cm
  •     Seat height: 35 cm
  •     Width x length on the ground: 45 x 46 cm
  •     Roof width x length: 65 x 59 cm

Dimensions (folded in its transport bag):

  •     height: 85 cm
  •     length: 25cm
  •     width: 20 cm
  •     Weight: 4,3 Kg (in its transport bag)

(The Video is in English but you can enable automatic French subtitles in the video settings)

Weight : 4300.00 g

72.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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