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TRAGOPAN Brown camo sleeve V4, V5, V+, Monal brown


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Descriptive :

Brown OCCULTANT sleeve specially designed for our V4, V5, V +, Monal Tragopan carriages of the same color.

  • Reasons: dead leaves realistic undergrowth (same as lookout)
  • External dimensions at the base of the sleeve at the end of the scratches: 31 x 31 cm
  • Attaches to shooting windows with a scratch system
  • Has at its end a drawstring to adapt it to any size of lens on the market.
  • A window has been integrated to pass a flash cobra or monitor above the housing what happens outside the lookout. This small window opens with a very quiet zipper.

This sleeve is ideal for the shooting of passerines at a very short distance, or species very sensitive to the least movements

Note: A copy of this sleeve is delivered with the original Tragopan V4, V5, V +, brown Monal.

It is possible to set one per shooting window, so a total of 4 per view.

Compatible with Tragopan V4, V5, V +, Monal brown trim

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