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Stealth-Gear One man chair hide - 2nd version



Descriptive :

This new tent looks out for Stealth Gear 1 seat, second version, selected by JAMA is quick to assemble, discreet, comfortable with its integrated seat and all at a very low price!

To mount it, just take it out of the bag, unfold the seat, place your tripod and your camera with a telephoto lens, and you just have to sit down and fold down the hood! The lookout is ready! Fast and effective !

The tent has no Velcro, which makes it much less noisy and is also lighter.

It has a large opening on the front (adjustable opening with double zippers) and another, very large, all over the front.

From the inside, this tent offers good visibility thanks to zippers that can be opened and closed easily.

There is a window on each side and a backside to allow a small draft.

From the outside, the photographer is perfectly camouflaged thanks to the outside color advantage 3D (redesigned to be compatible with the best of our European campaigns - the American color is a little different) but also thanks to the black interior color which reinforces the discretion of the lookout.

The seat is with armrests and cup holder for total comfort.

Sardines are delivered with the tent in order to fix it firmly on the ground, in case of strong wind. The fabric is waterproof, polyester mast.

The carrying bag can carry the tent in a backpack.

This model is not a hunter's tent taken for animal photography but it was actually designed for photography by the British company Stealth-Gear who already offers their jackets and pants for photography.

  • Height 1.35 m
  • Floor area 1100 x 80 cm
  • Weight 4.8 kg with seat
  • polyester
  • watertight
  • delivered with transport bag
  • delivered with sardines

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Remarks :

ATTENTION: The video presents the model AFFUTSG3 of the Hide

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