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KUVRD - Set of 2 universal lens caps for 54-76 mm lens - MICRO



Descriptive :

KUVRD - 2 universal lens caps for 54-76 mm lens - MIC:

The best way to protect your lenses!

MICRO (v2 universal lens cap) is the best way to cover and protect the lenses of your camera. It is designed to equip your larger lenses with an airtight / waterproof seal, resistant to the elements that the most ambitious photographers could endure.

You may regret freezing your extremities in a hailstorm just to get the perfect photo, but you will not regret having brought this lens cap. That we can promise.

Covers 99% of 54-76mm lenses:

Perfect for most DSLR and mirrorless camera lenses, cinema lenses, medium format lenses, super telephoto lenses commonly used for sports and wildlife and also stretches and covers lens hoods and ND filters.


Lot of 2 caps.


  •     New and refined: the universal lens cap has just received a face lift; two styles, Magnum and Micro, and the new convex top offer elasticity and adapt to all shapes and sizes; color code the white X with a marker to distinguish your goals once set.


  •     Resistant to the elements: get dirty; your goal does not get dirty; With a tight seal around your lens, the ULC 2.0 prevents water, mud, and the finest dust and sand from being scratched. The ULC works as both a front and rear lens cap, and you can even double it for maximum safety.


  •     Adapts to 99% of 54-76 mm lenses: - The new magnetic and micro size options offer better coverage than the previous model; select a size option to see the compatibility of the objectives.

  •     Absorbs shock - The ULC 2.0 absorbs most of the blunt trauma that could occur on both the front and outside sides of the lens in the event of a fall. It can even stretch over traditional lens caps for impact protection. Works with lens hoods, ND filters and camera flashes.


Lifetime warranty:
this lens cap is guaranteed to work under the most difficult conditions that nature could pose to you; any problem, and KUVRD will replace it for free, forever.

Weight : 120.00 g

49.90 € VAT included Add to Cart

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