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Op-Tech Mega MSC4 Shoot Cover™ 70-200mm

Ref : OPTECH7810503


Descriptive :

OP/TECH USA’s Mega Shoot Cover™ is so much more than just a protective travel case. Its unique design takes into consideration the rigorous demands of the hectic travel, sports and outdoor photographer. It is designed to completely cover the camera body, lens and lens hood in the extended “in-use” position so that all of your gear is ready to use while being well protected from dust, impact and the elements. It’s not just a travel case that must be removed while shooting. It’s a travel case and an in-use protective cover so that you are free to shoot in all kinds of weather without worrying about your gear. This multi-purpose cover is truly an original. It comes in black or nature and is available in 3 sizes to fit most camera and large lens sizes. Proudly made 100% in the USA, Mega Shoot Cover™ is a must-have accessory when shooting with large lenses.

Mega Shoot Cover™ is constructed of 4mm thick closed-cell neoprene that stretches to fit over your camera and lens. It locks out moisture and offers effective impact protection. The end of the lens has a detachable OP/TECH USA Hood Hat™ that can be snapped in three different positions to give you the right fit for your gear. The camera end has a protective dust flap and drawstring closure to offer easy access while providing great coverage. It can be opened wide so that the photographer has full access to the camera. The underside of the pouch has multiple snap closures to accommodate numerous tripod mount positions as well as give access to the lens controls during shooting. The snap closures offer quiet access to the lens so there is no noisy Velcro to scare away wildlife, distract sport players or attract lint and other unwanted materials. Mega Shoot Cover™ is extremely easy to use. Simply open the drawstring closure on the camera and tuck the flap conveniently into the pouch. Next, slip off the Hood Hat™ cover on the lens and you’re ready to shoot while still having your equipment completely covered and protected. There is truly nothing on the market like the Mega Shoot Cover™.

Approximate Sizes

  • MSC1: 7.25” diameter x 25” length
  • MSC2: 6.5” diameter x 23” length
  • MSC3: 5.75” diameter x 20” length
  • MSC4: 4.25 - 5” diameter x 14 - 19” length

Weight : 560.00 g

80.00 € 68.00€ VAT included Add to Cart

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