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VANGUARD - VEO SELECT 49 photo backpack / shoulder strap

Ref : VSEL49


Descriptive :

VANGUARD - VEO SELECT 49 photo backpack / shoulder strap:

The VEO SELECT 49 Photo Backpack also allows you to go "Incognito" to adopt two different carrying styles: as a Backpack or with a shoulder strap.

In fact, the harness of the bag can be easily stored inside the Bag and allows the padded strap to be used.

The quick side openings allow you to capture your devices in a fraction of seconds and thus immortalize your favorite moments regardless of the style of porting selected.

The smooth external appearance consists of a robust protection which will allow this Bag to effectively protect your Reflex kit, 3 to 5 additional lenses, a Flash and accessories.

Alternatively, it can be configured to contain a small professional drone, a camera, a digital Compact and video equipment (gimbal, audio kit, lighting, etc.). The dividers are configured by default for the Backpack style with the first third accessible by a large zipped opening. However, the inserts / dividers can easily be set up so as to have full access to the main compartment with easy access from the top to access your Reflex Kit and its attached Lens. You can thus configure and personalize the interior of your bag according to your preferences using the multiple inserts and the different access points.

Internal and external pockets allow you to strategically organize your essentials. A 15 "laptop fits into a dedicated interior pocket in the panel accessible at the back of the bag. You can also use the zipped pocket for an additional laptop, a tablet. A small discreet pocket on the top of the bag will keep have your phone close at hand, and a secret back pocket will keep your valuables such as a wallet or travel documents where no foreign hand can reach.

Adding additional storage is now possible thanks to the connections via the side loops. The large side pocket is perfect for storing a bottle of water or a Tripod or Monopod.

Additional features guarantee maximum performance, incorporating our unrivaled quality materials for the construction of this bag, and including, as always, protection against the rain (Rain Cover).

The VEO SELECT 49 is very comfortable thanks to its ergonomic back and harness, as well as its solid side and upper handles which allow it to be taken in hand firmly and securely. You will find a well-padded shoulder strap when you adopt the shoulder bag style and, when on the go, connecting to the handle of your rolling luggage will ease the burden of airport surveillance.


    Two styles of carrying: as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. The backpack harness can be stored when used over the shoulder.

    Versatile: Adapts to your storage needs. Many removable partitions, for maximum versatility.

    Dedicated storage: Spaces for all everyday essentials. Secure front and back pockets for a wallet, travel documents. Multiple and quick access, full opening on the back, quick access from above and from the side.

    Suitable for a computer: Can hold a laptop or tablet

    Quick access, multi access: total opening at the back, side and top access

    Quick action: access from above

    Comfortable transport: ergonomic harness that stores when the well-padded shoulder strap is used

    Easy transport: connects to the handle of your rolling luggage

    Always protected: reinforced and padded insert and dividers

    No groping research: bright colored interior making it easier to find things

    Well organized: dedicated pockets for all essentials

    Secure storage: secure back pocket for travel documents and wallet

    Business oriented: contains a 13 "laptop

    Remains stable: optimal and balanced tripod transport system

    Clean and dry: water and scratch resistant material

    Stay dry: full rain cover

The VEO SELECT 49 Photo Backpack can contain:

    1 to 2 Reflex Camera kits with their attached lenses
    2 to 3 Objectives
    1 Battery and its charger
    1 Flash
    Memory cards
    1 Smartphone and its charger
    Personal effects


    1 Compact digital and video equipment or a MAVIC drone
    1 VEO 2S type tripod
    1 laptop 15 "

  •     Type of bag Backpack or Crossbody
  •     Bag configuration 2 Reflex Kits with several lenses
  •     Number of Reflex 2
  •     Number of optics 3
  •     Computer Compartment Bag Features
  •     Rain cover
  •     Tripod stand
  •    All the time
         Internal dimensions 29 x 12.5 x 49 cm
         External dimensions 34 x 20.5 x 50.5 cm
         Weight 1.66 kg
         Maximum load 9.2 kg
         Can hold 1 Smartphone
         Memory cards
         1-2 Reflex with their objectives
         1 Flash
         2-3 Objectives
         1 MAVIC Drone (see details)
         Gencode 4719856247656

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