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BETA SHELL - Case for waterproof lens



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BETA SHELL - Case for waterproof lens:

The 5.100 black lens case from Beta Shell is a unique entry into the world of lens cases. It offers you a durable way to protect your optics while traveling or in bad weather. It has been extensively tested to be waterproof to 16.4 'and also withstand extreme weather conditions. The shell itself is made of rigid, impact-resistant ABS plastic. Inside, you will find a 1.5 "thick polyurethane memory foam at the bottom, which is used to hold the lens in place once inserted in the case. This foam is soft, solid and extremely resistant. to deformation Form included silica gel for additional protection against moisture.


Your lens is placed with the rear element facing up. The twist cover is then placed on the housing and sealed with an internal O-ring. Once closed, to make sure your lens is properly installed, shake the body. If you feel that the lens is moving, reopen it and reset it, making sure it does not move when closed. For convenience, if your lens is a little smaller than the body, Beta includes a foam spacer disc to compensate for the difference in volume. The beta shell opens and closes almost like any Twist Top bottle, but you will notice that the outside of the lid displays machined icons to indicate the direction to follow to open and close the case. The cover is also machined with good sized edges for a very firm grip of the fingers which will be particularly useful if you wear gloves. To top off the system, a bungee-style strap on the lid makes it easy to remove the case from your backpack or shoulder bag.


It is important to note that Beta Shell defines "waterproof" as preventing water and moisture from entering the case when the top cover is properly closed. Compliance with the instructions provided is mandatory if you want to use the camera properly and protect the lens.


For the die-hard and intrepid outdoor photographer - or even if you just want a very solid, secure and water-resistant lens case, the Beta Shell system is a cost-effective way to protect your precious optics. It benefits from Beta's lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


  •     Supports lenses / optics with an outer profile diameter of up to 95mm.
  •     The cover design includes 52% of additional memory foam surface for better protection of lenses and optics.
  •     Easy to open / close; the edges on the cover facilitate twisting.
  •     Guaranteed to seal the water at 16.4 '(5 m).
  •     The interior of the body is a single continuous surface for easy entry and removal of gears.
  •     The Fit & Trim system allows a true tailor-made adjustment for all types of objectives and gears adapted to the internal volume of the housing.
  •     The strap attachment points on the cover and the bottom cover facilitate multiple strap configurations.
  •     The lid design allows reduced mass and equal resistance compared to the Beta Shell series 4 case.
  •     Suitable for lens lengths between 72 and 112 mm.
  •     Maximum lens width: 3.7 "(95mm).
  •     Rigid, waterproof, impact resistant.
  •     1.5 "thermoplastic ABS / memory foam.
  •     Threaded cover with O-ring.
  •     No zippers or tear seams.
  •     Includes silica gel

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