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A Nocturne of Nightingales

A Nocturne of Nightingales Larger image

Ref : 3300760243608


Over an hour of uninterrupted Nightingale song - 9 tracks of Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) recorded in France and Greece, and 4 tracks of Thrush Nightingale (Luscinia luscinia) recorded in Romania and Southern Finland.

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CD Primate World - 1

CD Primate World - 1 Larger image

Ref : 3448960263023


This is the first CD ever dedicated to the world of the primates. Part one contains the beautiful songs of species such as Gibbons and Siamangs whilst Part 2 examines the precise vocal communications - "language" - of Apes, notably African Gorillas.

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Primate World - 2

Primate World - 2 Larger image

Ref : 3307513000327


This second CD covers the astonishing vocal world of the African forest monkeys. Outstanding 28 page booklet with numerous colour illustrations.

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CD Voices from the Forest

CD Voices from the Forest Larger image

Ref : 3307513003229


The first part of this CD contains eleven natural stereo concerts including Roe deer, Red deer and Fallow deer.

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CD Wild Africa

CD Wild Africa Larger image

Ref : 30009FA694


Travel to the open savannahs of the Masai Mara and the Serengeti "Africa"

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Jungles of Senegal

Jungles of Senegal Larger image

Ref : 3448960264624


This CD includes eight magnificient concerts recorded in the Niokolo Koba national park, in Senegal.

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CD Sounds of the desert

CD Sounds of the desert Larger image

Ref : 3307513002222


Four extensive soundscapes from the Moroccan Sahara.

60 minutes

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Madagascar Soundscapes

Madagascar Soundscapes Larger image

Ref : 3448960264129


Madagascar, "the Island Continent" is a living Ark of special animals that exist nowhere else: lemurs, fruit bats, frogs and birds feature on this charming CD.

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CD Senegal: Marshes and savannahs

CD Senegal: Marshes and savannahs Larger image

Ref : 3300760226922


Natural sounds from a great variety of birds and other creatures. Their richness and diversity only hint at the infinite repertoire of animal to communication.

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Brazilian Soundscapes

Brazilian Soundscapes Larger image

Ref : 3300760226106


Three concerts from the Atlantic forest and one from the Pantanal, recorded in stereo. Don't miss the remarkable sounds of howler monkeys calling across the jungle canopy. Followed by a sound guide to 28 indexed bird species, several not available on any other sound guide.

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American Forests and Lakes

American Forests and Lakes Larger image

Ref : 3300760222405


Lake and forest soundscapes of Canada, Antilles and Venezuela. Astonishing and beautiful natural concerts.

8 Aquatic and Forested Habitats in the Americas

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Mayan Forests

Mayan Forests Larger image

Ref : 3448960261227


Five soundscapes from the forests of Guatemala.

57 minutes

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CD Jungles of Borneo

CD Jungles of Borneo Larger image

Ref : 3448960262927


Ten concerts recorded in 8 different forest habitats. Ravishing sounds of monkeys, frogs and birds, many never before recorded.

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CD Canadian Soundscapes

CD Canadian Soundscapes Larger image

Ref : 3307513001225


A very beautiful CD featuring the forest and marine soundscapes of Canada, from Mount Saint-Hilaire, the Forillons National Park, the Sorels islands and the cliffs of Gaspésie to the islands of Bonaventure.

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Quebec Symphonies

Quebec Symphonies Larger image

Ref : 3448960261920


Quebec Symphonies CD (FA619):


Soundscapes of large lakes surrounded by forests in Quebec National Parks. All the poetry of the song of the Imbrin Plongeon, the White-throated Chaffinch, and frog concerts.

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