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Wild Africa

Wild Africa Larger image

Ref : 30009FA694


Travel to the open savannahs of the Masai Mara and the Serengeti "Africa"

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African Forests and Savannahs

African Forests and Savannahs Larger image

Ref : 22306


A variety of African soundscapes from forests and savannas, with birds, insects, large mammals and amphibians. Rich, powerful sounds from this vibrant continent.

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Jungles of Senegal

Jungles of Senegal Larger image

Ref : FA646


This CD includes eight magnificient concerts recorded in the Niokolo Koba national park, in Senegal.

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The singing of dunes

The singing of dunes Larger image

Ref : CD88805


This sound trip begins on the back of a dune, in the southwest of Morocco. A group of scientists explores some dunes, to gain knowledge of their forms, their subject of study.

59 minutes

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Primate World - 1

Primate World - 1 Larger image

Ref : FA630


This is the first CD ever dedicated to the world of the primates. Part one contains the beautiful songs of species such as Gibbons and Siamangs whilst Part 2 examines the precise vocal communications - "language" - of Apes, notably African Gorillas.

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Primate World - 2

Primate World - 2 Larger image

Ref : 30003


This second CD covers the astonishing vocal world of the African forest monkeys. Outstanding 28 page booklet with numerous colour illustrations.

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Sounds of the desert

Sounds of the desert Larger image

Ref : 30022


Four extensive soundscapes from the Moroccan Sahara.

60 minutes

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African Sounds at Dusk

African Sounds at Dusk Larger image

Ref : 30004


Long, relaxing nocturnal concerts from the African bush, featuring frogs and toads, bats, large mammals and birds, and a few fabulous soloists.

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Birds of North-West Africa

Birds of North-West Africa Larger image

Ref : C001


The only CD presently available devoted to the birds of North Africa. It includes the songs and calls of the 52 species most representative of North West Africa, classed by family in systematic order.

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Madagascar Soundscapes

Madagascar Soundscapes Larger image

Ref : FA641


Madagascar, "the Island Continent" is a living Ark of special animals that exist nowhere else: lemurs, fruit bats, frogs and birds feature on this charming CD.

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Namibia Soundscapes

Namibia Soundscapes Larger image

Ref : 30015


With a very varied landscape and few inhabitants, Namibia is rich in wildlife that is largely intact.

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Senegal: Marshes and savannahs

Senegal: Marshes and savannahs Larger image

Ref : CDR1


Natural sounds from a great variety of birds and other creatures. Their richness and diversity only hint at the infinite repertoire of animal to communication.

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A sound encyclopaedia of Birds / Africa

A sound encyclopaedia of Birds / Africa Larger image

Ref : FA610


A guide allowing the listener to recognise 198 species of common African continent birds from their voices. Songs and common calls are included for each species.

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