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CD Bêtes sauvages (NAT1302)

CD Bêtes sauvages (NAT1302) Larger image

Ref : CD513324


La découverte sonore des mammifères sauvages est souvent complexe : c'est un contraste entre les subtilités d’un souffle, d’un frôlement, d’un jappement et la puissance d’un déplacement, d’un coup de gueule, d’un combat.

  • Livret : 12 pages couleurs
  • Durée : 70'24


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CD Rutting Red Deer

CD Rutting Red Deer Larger image

Ref : FA632


This CD is the result of many years of observation and recording in the Tronçais forest (mid France), reknowned for its Red deer rut.

72 minutes

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Rutting Red Deer

Rutting Red Deer Larger image

Ref : 3448960262422


Songs of 5 species of whale, recorded in stereo, with the amazing natural sounds of the sea.

During the 58 minutes of this CD you will hear the songs and calls - indeed, the "language" of 5 cetacean species

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CD Primate World - 1

CD Primate World - 1 Larger image

Ref : 3448960263023


This is the first CD ever dedicated to the world of the primates. Part one contains the beautiful songs of species such as Gibbons and Siamangs whilst Part 2 examines the precise vocal communications - "language" - of Apes, notably African Gorillas.

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Primate World - 2

Primate World - 2 Larger image

Ref : 3307513000327


This second CD covers the astonishing vocal world of the African forest monkeys. Outstanding 28 page booklet with numerous colour illustrations.

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Wailing Wolves

Wailing Wolves Larger image

Ref : 3300760211102


Jean C. Roché. Wild Wolves in the forests of Canada, followed by the calls of European wolves.

37 minutes

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Mammifères d'Europe

Mammifères d'Europe Larger image

Ref : 3300760211829


Unique en Europe, ce double CD vous donne les voix des mammifères européens, des plus petits : Loir, Lérot, Rat, Ecureuil, etc..., aux plus gros : Loup, Cerf, Ours et Bison.

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I listen to the Farm

I listen to the Farm Larger image

Ref : 3561302105123


This CD tells the story of a small lost cat which spends one day exploring a farm. He meets all sorts of creatures in the hen house, the courtyard, the stable, in the neighboring meadow and beside the pond. He hears this fascinating array of sounds and tries to make sense of it all.

19.99 €
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Wolf (where) are you ?

Wolf (where) are you ? Larger image

Ref : 3760107270047


One stormy night in the mountains, some ewes are attacked. A wolf is suspected! The following day, Tino goes to fishing and meets... a family of wolves.

48 minutes

18.00 €
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The Farm and its animals

The Farm and its animals Larger image

Ref : FA603


More than 80% of us have today broken their ties with the rural way of life to live in the concrete jungle. It's hardly surprising that young town-dwellers think that "Milk is made from powder" or "the Donkey is the baby horse"!

29.99 €
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ABC de la nature

ABC de la nature Larger image

Ref : 3760107270085


L'ABC de la Nature will be appreciated by adults and children. It is an ideal method to start to learn about the sounds of nature, with comments on the 1st CD only.

The booklet of 36 pages brings you a lot of information on their ways of life. All animals are there represented by nice Alexis Nouailhat's drawings. 146 minutes

Remarks :

Set with 2 audio CD + booklet

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