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DODOTRONIC - HiSound Microphone Parabola - Stereo (EM172 Sensor)



Descriptive :

DODOTRONIC - HiSound microphone parabola - Stereo (with EM172 sensor):

This parabolic microphone can pick up sounds with stereo separation, the signal is routed into a single 3.5mm stereo mini jack connector.

The stereo effect is achieved by channel separation achieved by placing a splitter disc (baffle) between two pairs of microphones, positioned on the left and right channels with two capsules for each channel. The dish consists of two circuits with upper and lower shield; the same screen is tightly connected to the earth of the four capsules to minimize immunity to external interference.



The EM172 are classic sensors with very low noise from Primo. Two of them are mounted for each channel (4 capsules in total).

Having two capsules instead of one results in a signal gain of about +3 dB and lower inherent noise.

Compared to traditional PZM, the most important improvement in HiSound stereo is to place the capsule on the same plane as the deflector and not in the opposite direction. This configuration can add an additional +6 dB signal gain without affecting the high frequency response.


  •     Outside diameter: 53 cm
  •     Focusing depth: 12.5 mm
  •     Weight for 1 mm *: 270 g
  •     Total weight for 1 mm *: 755 g
  •     PETG material
  •     Audio range (100Hz - 20KHz)
  •     Sensor: 4 x EM172 from http://www.primomic.com/
  •     Clean noise only 14db
  •     Connector: 3.5 mm mini jack
  •     possibility to have an XLR output on optional  ( SEE HERE )
  •     PIP socket in the required power supply.
Delivered with 1 windshield.

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