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DODOTRONIC - Micro Ultramic 384K EVO

DODOTRONIC - Micro Ultramic 384K EVO Larger image



DODOTRONIC - Micro Ultramic 384K EVO:


The Ultramic384K_EVO and Ultramic192K_EVO are high quality professional digital audio and ultrasonic microphones.

A high performance microphone - DUAL omnidirectional audio and ultrasound
• Full speed USB 2.0 connection using standard UAC 1.1 driverless audio interface for easier communication with host devices
• The hardware amplification gain is set via a 4-position switch.

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DODOTRONIC Ultramic250K Larger image

Ref : Ultramic250K


Ultramic USB Microphones

Ultramics are ultrasound microphones, with an integrated analog to digital converter. It features a 192 KHz, 200 kHz, 250 KHz and 384KHz sampling rate.

The USB 2,0 Full speed port allows an easy connection to every Windows, !OS PC, Android smartphone, tablet or Linux device.

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DODOTRONIC - Ultramic 384K BLE

DODOTRONIC -  Ultramic 384K BLE Larger image


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DODOTRONIC - Ultramic 384K BLE:

Ultramic384K BLE is a high quality professional digital camera that can work as:

• a USB ultrasound microphone connected to a PC / tablet / smartphone

• an intelligent standalone recorder, when a micro SD card is inserted

  The Bluetooth connection is only used to facilitate microphone setup if it is used as a standalone recorder.

  Ultrasound transfer is via USB.

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Magnetic Cone for Ultramic384K_EVO

Magnetic Cone for Ultramic384K_EVO Larger image

Ref : ConeUM384K

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Cone for Ultramic384K_EVO and Ultramic192K_EVO

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