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PETTERSSON - u384 USB ultrasonic microphone

Ref : U384USB


Descriptive :

PETTERSSON - u384 USB ultrasonic microphone:

The u384 sets a new standard for USB microphones offering excellent sensitivity, low noise, small size and ultra-low power consumption - all for a modest price. The components are housed in a thin, durable aluminum housing.

Like the famous Pettersson M500-384 microphone, the u-series microphones identify themselves as standard audio recording devices on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. Likewise, they are compatible with most common sound recording applications and programs. Our microphones are naturally compatible with our own BatSound and BatSound Touch software. Some other software recommended for various operating systems includes Audacity (Windows, macOS, Linux), Ultrasonic Analyzer (iOS) and Bat Recorder (Android).

Please check hardware / software compatibility and that 384 kHz recording is supported. Some smartphones / tablets - especially low-end devices - have been found not to support USB audio at 384 kHz.

The u384's USB connector plugs directly into a USB Micro B jack, becoming a small portable recording unit. An extension cable and / or other types of USB sockets can also be used, with an adapter.


  •     Weight: 25g
  •     Dimensions: 43 × 35 × 13 mm
  •     Microphone: MEMS
  •     Current consumption: 28 mA
  •     Frequency range: 1 kHz - 192 kHz
  •     Recording format: 384 kHz / 16 bit
  •     Anti-aliasing filter: Yes

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