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NORWILD - Patrick Delieutraz et Sylvain Dussans



Descriptive :

Book "NORWILD" - Patrick Delieutraz and Sylvain Dussans

Norway, Norway ... A country like a path to the north, stretching its mountains interspersed with fjords, from the Baltic Sea to the Barents Sea, over 1700km, along a string of innumerable islands. A country where wild spaces are so many promises for the nature lover, wilderness ... A nature still largely wild, beautiful and rough, in the heart of which it is good to lose the landmarks of modernity.

Over the years, the two authors, Patrick Delieutraz and Sylvain Dussans, have been on numerous occasions in Norway, from frozen plateaus from Dovrefjell to the Varangerøya Peninsula, via Runde, Lofoten or the Lyngen Alps. Everywhere transported, moved by the landscapes and the fauna encountered, they wish to invite the reader to a motionless journey, from page to page, as an immersion in the great Nature. A book as a hope to see free and wild spaces come back everywhere in Europe.

Italian format 28 X 24 cm

160 pages, 136 pictures

Anti-scratch hard cover, Arctic Volume White paper 170g

published in April 2018

Weight : 1100.00 g

Remarks :

French and English book

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