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DVD - Beasts and Men - by Michel Tonelli



Descriptive :

DVD - Beasts and Men - by Michel Tonelli:

We thought they were definitely gone or moribund.

But now they come back to France.

They are three, like the heroes of a fable: the Bear, the Lynx and the Wolf.

Three peddlers who now return to the territories occupied by men. Then, again, they are confronted with those who had, once, hunted down and eradicated.

This film proposes to us to traverse our territories on the track of these animals, and to observe in their wake the reaction of the men who rub shoulders with them. Inevitably questions arise: do big predators still have their place in our modern societies?

What are the stakes of their return? are they the last living symbols of a wild nature that is dying and must be resuscitated at all costs?

Directed by Michel TONELLI
CoProductions BLIZZARD / France Televisions
Duration 52 min

Weight : 50.00 g

25.00 € VAT included Add to Cart

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