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Song of Water 3BC

Ref : 3BC0403


Descriptive :

This CD offers the listener a journey along a water course, from a source to the sea.

The music of droplets and of rain, streams and water falls, the calmer music of a river, of a lake and the sea.

This natural music, surely some of the worlds most ancient, puts the listener in osmosis with the environment using the most musical of the basic elements. The author, Pierre Palengat is a sound recorder, naturalist and musician. His CDs, of great acoustic sensibility, offer the listener a sample of the best of nature’s sounds. 73 minutes

Jacket cardboard

1. Rain and the song of droplets in a forest / 2. Near the source / 3. The stream / 4. Around a lake / 5. The torrent / 6. Waterfalls / 7. The river / 8. The estuary / 9. A calm sea.

Weight : 100.00 g

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