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Cotton Carrier CCS Endeavor Holster for one camera

Cotton Carrier CCS Endeavor Holster for one camera Larger image

Ref : CC525MK2


CCS Endeavor Holster for one camera

The CCS Endeavor Holster for one camera ensures easy access with our patented Twist&Lock quick release camera mount. This product is a “one size fits all” design (up to 61” waist).

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Cotton Carrier STRAPSHOT EV1

Cotton Carrier STRAPSHOT EV1 Larger image

Ref : CC233EV1


Cotton Carrier STRAPSHOT EV1

Say hello to the Cotton Carrier StrapShot, our fantastic new solution for anyone who gets outdoors.

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Cotton Carrier Carry-Lite sport PRO

Cotton Carrier Carry-Lite sport PRO Larger image

Ref : CC511CCL


This Carry-Lite system allows for secure support of one camera on the included Side Holster. This is our most comfortable, stable side-carrying solution yet.

The removable Side Holster is made of durable 1680 Denier Polypropylene fitted with a Lexan camera receptacle.

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JOBY Pro Sling Strap™

JOBY Pro Sling Strap™ Larger image



Lightning-fast professional grade sling style strap for your professional camera

This professional camera strap’s quick-draw speed clinch system allows you to always have your DSLR right at hand, but never in harms way. The Pro Sling Strap keeps the camera secure against your body and has the capacity to carry even the heaviest camera rigs.

Remarks :

Available sizes: S-L / L-XXL

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Trekking Single Strap

Trekking Single Strap Larger image

Ref : TREKKING12313


This single strap is suitable to all DSLR cameras.

Specially adapted to the weight of heavy photo lenses, this straps is more comfortable than a standard strap.

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TREKKING Short Strap

TREKKING Short Strap Larger image

Ref : TREK12326


Short Strap

This novel shoulder strap is designed for photographers who hate cumbersome straps and just want something small and light.

14.90 €
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Trekking Strap Safari Sport

Trekking Strap Safari Sport Larger image

Ref : TREK12310


SAFARI Sport : Relieve your neck strain !

Suitable for ladies and mens with small stature, SAFARI Sport advantageously replaces the need for other straps and shoulder-belts. The Safari Junior can comfortably carry a reflex and a pair of binoculars. Suitable for all cameras.

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Joby UltraFit Sling Strap Women

Joby UltraFit Sling Strap Women Larger image

Ref : JOBY1258


Just like JOBY revolutionized camera tripods, we set out to transform camera straps. To replace the limp piece of cloth and foam hanging off your camera, we've created a dynamic and innovative camera strap that makes your photography comfortable, quick and much more fun. Start to finish, the UltraFit Sling Strap for Women is pure JOBY design and innovation. Scroll to learn more.

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Op-Tech CLASSIC STRAP Larger image



The CLASSIC STRAP™ adds a touch of class to any camera or binocular. The tailored design is made with soft, durable neoprene combined with a unique "Comfort-Stretch" binding.

Adjustable from 76cm - 147cm.

Remarks :

Disponible en coloris : noir.

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Op-Tech E-z comfort

Op-Tech E-z comfort Larger image

Ref : ezcomfort


The "no frills" approach to a comfortable and functional neck strap is what OP/TECH USA offers in the E-Z COMFORT STRAP™ . The slim design and easy-to-use connection system make this a great strap for binoculars and cameras.

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Op-Tech REPORTER STRAP Larger image



REPORTER STRAP™ addresses the needs of today's active photographers who use two cameras to cover the diverse photo challenges presented in their work.

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Op-Tech S.O.S. Strap™ (0901012)

Op-Tech S.O.S. Strap™ (0901012) Larger image

Ref : OPTECH0901012


The SOS belt reduces the sensation of fatigue related to distributing the weight evenly and absorbs shock movement. It therefore perfect for heavy bags, luggage and more.

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Op-Tech Compact Sling

Op-Tech Compact Sling Larger image

Ref : 3401002


OP/TECH USA’s Compact Sling™ provides the unparalleled convenience of a shoulder sling for smaller point-and-shoot style cameras! The low-profile neoprene shoulder pad features a nonskid surface which secures the pad on the shoulder while the camera freely glides up the strap into shooting position.

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Op-Tech BINO Utility Strap (3599999) non QD

Op-Tech BINO Utility Strap (3599999) non QD Larger image

Ref : OPTECH3599999


NO version of the detachable strap Pro Utility 3/8
Specially designed for SLR cameras.

Built on the patented principle called "control-Stretch" This belt is made of neoprene based on a sewn flat elastic strap.

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Op-Tech Fashion strap

Op-Tech Fashion strap Larger image

Ref : sanglefashion


FASHION STRAP™ is the original neoprene strap and incorporates only the finest materials available. The neoprene is bonded on both sides with top quality material for added strength and a controlled stretch.

  • Width: 38 cm. Adjustable length of 88.9 cm to 101.6 cm.

22.00 € To know moreAdd to Cart

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