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JAMA Infrared remote control

Ref : BIR2


Descriptive :

When the light beam is broken the infrared receiver sends an electrical signal which either remotely releases the shutter on a camera equipped with a motor drive or, if your are working in the dark with the shutter open, it can operate a flash.

The distance between the transmitter and receiver can be up to 9metres, or where the transmitter has an external 12v power pack it can be up to 9 metres. These items have been designed to withstand the humidity of a tropical jungle, and have been provided with elastic straps that will enable them to be mounted almost anywhere. Power is usually supplied by two 9v batteries which will typically give 20 hours service. but a socket is provided to enable an external power pack to be used, giving a much longer life.

Three different settings are available for the sensitivity of this equipement. This will, for example, enable an animal to be photographed emerging from its hole without wasting film by also photographing each fly that cuts th infra-red beam.
The insects set can detect a drop of water or milk.
These three settings are made to avoid wrong trigering.

There are three output sockets available in the receiver :

  • A relay socket which can be used to control all sorts of different equipement (flash, camera, motor drive, cross beam control...)
  • Two high speed connections which are not slowed down by the relay circut
  • one of these can be connected to the camera.
  • the other can be used to remotely control a flash

These three outputs are via normal 2.5 mm jack plugs.

You need to order with the BIR2 :

  • the right remote control cable for you camera
  • the extension lead (5, 10 or 15 metre)
  • external battery pack if you leave for many hours as photograph trap.


  • power consumption by the transmitter :
  • 0.02 A at 9v
  • power consumption by the receiver : 0.01 A at 9v

Response times are as follows:

  • for insects : response time less than 1/2000 second
  • for birds : response time less than 1/250 second
  • small animals : response time less than 1/100 second

Bookmark and Share Weight : 500.00 g
Delivery schedule :
Remarks :

New version with reduced power consumption of the transmitter for a longer battery life.

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for pictures traps

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